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Welcome to Honeycomb & Spice

Encouraging Christian wives toward sweetness and spice in their marriages

About Honeycomb & Spice

Honeycomb & Spice is a community of Christian wives who want to encourage each other toward greater sweetness and spice in the sexual intimacy in their marriages.

For Christian Wives Only

You must be a married (or soon-to-be married) Christian woman to join this network. 

Members who misrepresent themselves to join will be removed with no refund. If you have questions about whether this community is a good fit for you, contact Chris at [email protected].

Why You Should Join Us

Are you a Christian wife who wants to grow in the area of sexual intimacy? Do you want a safe community where you can share authentically with other Christian wives? Honeycomb & Spice is a private community only for married (or soon-to-be-married) Christian women.

Whether you've struggled with sex or already enjoy much sweetness and spice in the sexual intimacy in your marriage, Honeycomb & Spice is for you.

*Before You Join*

Be thoughtful in choosing your name (although this can be changed later).

 This community will talk about sexual intimacy, so anonymity can be helpful. However, it's also nice to have an authentic feel. If you can, use a variation of your real name--but do it in a way that feels safe to you. 

You will be asked to enter a first and last name, which will appear along with your posts.

Examples of ways you can use your real name in a safe way:

Real name: Diana Sue Majors (maiden name Jefferson)

Possible Variations:

  • First Name: Diana Last Name: Sue
  • First Name: DS Last Name: Majors
  • First Name: DiSue  Last Name: SM
  • First Name: DS Last Name: M
  • First Name: Mrs Last Name: M
  • First Name: Sue Last Name: Maj
  • First Name: Sue Last Name: Jefferson

None of us will have any idea if you've actually used your real name or not, so let your sense of comfort be your guide. Only Honeycomb & Spice hosts (at this time just me) will see the email address you use when you sign up--and this information will never be shared except for where required for legal purposes.

Thank you!

Your subscription helps make this community private for all of us, and it provides me with time to support and maintain the community. Thank you so much!